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Who we are?

We are entrepreneurs who want to help other entrepreneurs achieve their goals. We are a brilliant team of developers building brilliant software. We are founders and funders who help founders get funded.

Recent Projects

Your partner in smart solutions..

Our Incubation Partner

BroodStack works with our clients to build their businesses beyond just developing their software. We offer our years of expertise in all aspects of the business life cycle from establishing your business through exit . . . and all of the steps & skills in-between. If you’ve developed a business plan and tested your market, you will thrive in our process.

If you are just starting out; you have a vision and a goal to bring it to market, but have not progressed futher . . . Wildfire Labs can step in. They are “focused on helping you move through the process of turning your concept into a product” by giving you the roadmap for success and being your guide along the way. We work directly with Wildfire Labs to help develop your prototype as proof of concept. Then, when you’ve completed their process, we’ll be here to take you the rest of the way!

Our Leadership Team

"Teamwork makes the dream work."
— John Maxwell


Eric is zealous about building and investing in entrepreneurs, businesses and projects. He is an avid learner who is never hesitant to leap to a challenge. Especially when it’s mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Eric Martz

Managing Partner

Damon is passionate about starting, building and investing in companies. Especially those developing intuitive software and services. He finds great reward in helping others.

Damon Deru

Partner & Product Advisor

Unnikrishnan “Unni” is a technology enthusiast who knows the theoretical side of development while being highly efficient and practical. There’s no challenge he isn’t up for. He is fiercely loyal to his development team and ensures their success on any project they take on.

Unnikrishnan Nair

Partner & Technical Advisor
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BroodStack empowers individuals and organizations to transform their innovative digital business ideas into thriving ventures. BroodStack's unique and collaborative ecosystem acts as a catalyst for accomplishing your entrepreneurial goals, regardless of whether you're a business, university, or individual.
— Team BroodStack

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